Leadership Team

EIM-OC is an initiative brought to Rutgers University by the members of the Department of Kinesiology and Health, Rutgers Recreation, and Health services.

Labros Sidossis Ph.D.Labros Sidossis Ph.D.

EIM-OC Supervisor | Advisor | Distinguished Professor

Stacy TrukowskiStacy Trukowski, MS

Health Fitness Professional | Associate Director of Recreation

Sara Campbell Ph.D.Sara Campbell Ph.D.

Advisor | Assisistant Professor

70 Lipman Drive

Priscilla SantanaPriscilla Santana

EIM-OC Coach

Certified Personal Trainer for the past 3 years

Certifications: W.I.T.S. CPT, Basic First Aid/CPR and AED for Adult/Child/Infant

"Exercise is important to me because it affects body, mind and soul. More importantly, exercise infuses me with an energy that says, “I can conquer the world”...in other words, I can achieve anything. As a student and an adult, that feeling is important in being able to tackle the tougher subjects of my day." 

DingZhengyan Ding

Major: Pharmacy

"Exercise is important to me because it not only makes me healthier, but also allows me to achieve the best mental state to face whatever challenges may come in my life."

Folarin2Olufemi Folarin

Major: Exercise Science

"Exercise is important in my life because an active lifestyle is the best way I can achieve a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle all on my own. It allows me to clear my mind when I'm feeling stressed and set goals for myself to work towards."

JosephAnne Joseph

Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Sports Management

Certification: In Progress to become a Certified Personal Trainer

"Exercise is important to me because it makes me stronger and tougher, both physically and mentally."

MahendruArchna Mahendru

Major: Biochemistry

" Exercise gives me the motivation I may not internally have. It uplifts my mood, keeps me healthy, and rejuvenates my overall well-being."